About Parker Cleaning Services

My name is Parveez Parker and I am the Managing Dir ector of the Parker and Sons Group (Pty) Ltd and all its subsidiaries.

Parker Cleaning Services is premium cleaning services company which has a range of cleaning packages, services and products. We cater to the sp ecific needs of the Domestic Sector, Corporate Sector and Special Events.
We already have a strong domestic client but are looking to increase our portfolio of clients in the Corpora te Sector and we are currently exploring a multitude of opportunities within this very broad s ector.

Our Features

Quality Cleaning 100%
Natural Products 100%
Flexible Scheduling 100%
Professional Staff 100%

What We Do

Parker Cleaning Services Cleaners offers a high quality cleaning service in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. Our team of professional staff can do all sorts of cleaning at a time that’s convenient to you. You decide what needs done and we'll have your home clean and tidy in no time, just the way you like it.

We can cover typical cleaning duties for all rooms in your house, including dusting, bed making and ironing services. We also provide a communal cleaning service for flats and tenements throughout Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

What is the VALUE PROPOSITION on offer from Parker Cleaning Services?

We operate on a strong service code of ethics and w ork at maintaining excellent service delivery standards
Our trained professional, experienced and skilled s taff, execute tasks and projects on small and large sites
Our cleaning staff takes the greatest care ensuring that your property or building is thoroughly cleaned and maintained

Our Mission and Vision

Parker Cleaning Services, is an experienced and professional provider of high quality commercial cleaning services in the markets where we compete. Our corporate vision is to achieve excellence in adhering to our three primary objectives: The highest level of customer satisfaction through consistent quality performance Honest and ethical business practices with clients, employees and the communities we serve Management support, encouragement and performance that will nurture successful client business growth and corporate profitability

Our corporate mission is to be a leader in the commercial cleaning services market. This mission will be implemented with the latest available leading edge management procedures and technology for productive, effective and efficient business operations. Our corporate commitment to our vision, mission and principals will be demonstrated through our hands-on involvement in the daily management and operations of our company. Our foundation and our future will be built upon a reputation for personal and corporate integrity and a strict adherence to the highest professional standards in the industry.